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    Project Manager

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We are looking for a Japanese Project Coordinator to join us at our Japan office in Osaka.

In a nut shell:

・Create project plans and revise as needed to meet changing project requirements.
・Manage day-to-day operaOonal aspects of mulOple projects and ensure work stays within contracted scope.
・Review deliverables prepared by internal team and client provided assets.
・Ensure project documents are complete, current, and stored properly.
・Communicate with internal teams and external contractors as well as clients for smooth project flow.
・Ensure projects stay on budget and Omeline while developing new strategies to streamline project processes.
・Qualify leads and shepherd through to contract closing to meet quarterly revenue goals.
・In addiOon to these typical responsibiliOes, you may perform other duOes as necessary.

Your Skills:

・BA/BS degree or equivalent 4 years’worth of higher educaOon
・Ability to lead the work flow for management and interacOve projects.
・Ability to esOmate costs and build Omelines for interacOve projects.
・Experience in managing mulOple projects to complete work on Ome.
・Strong presentaOon and training skills to improve internal and client understanding of business development.
・Excellent verbal and wri[en communicaOon skills.
・Japanese language skills are highly necessary. High level fluency in English is preferred.


・Work with people from all over the world with diverse educaOonal experiences.
・CompeOOve salary, flexible PTO, IRA and health care provided.
・Flexible environment-remote work may be done from home on a per project basis.
・Permit to work in Japan is required.
・ABSOLUGUEST is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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